Wi-Fi For Your Event, or Business

At Full Stream, we are experts at wireless service - including Wi-Fi for business and for events. We can custom-build a Wi-Fi solution for any event or venue we can reach with our Internet service - from a tailgate party, all the way up to a stadium.

Please call us at 573-442-9907 to discuss your specific needs.


Since 2010, Full Stream Wireless has provided Internet service to the Roots'n'Blues festival. In 2012, we served hundreds of concurrent users during Al Green's excellent performance, and provided service throughout the event. The festival has moved to Stephen's Lake in 2013 - and our flexible wireless system is following it there, with a goal of providing excellent service once again. Full Stream Wireless are proud to be an official event sponsor of the Roots'n'Blues festival - we look forward to seeing you there!

The District

Since May of 2013, Full Stream have provided free Wi-Fi as part of the The District's pilot program. We serve over 2,500 visitors each week, providing free Internet to city visitors, shoppers, concert-goers, and Mizzou-game attendees.

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